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How To Host Your Own Mozilla Meeting

If you have ever wanted to get together with others who are involved with Mozilla, you might be interested in setting up a developer meeting in your area. An event doesn't need to be a big deal and can be as simple as getting a few people together to talk about things for a few hours.

There have already been a number of developer events that have been held around the United States and in Europe. If you are interested in learning more about how these events were set up, there are people available who would be happy to share their experiences with you.

Look around the Meetzilla project to get more information about past events and join the mailing list to talk to others who have gone to earlier events or who have helped set them up. You can also look at the EU project which provides information about European community activities.

As a starting point, there are a couple of suggestions we can make for things to think about if you are interested in organizing a meeting:

Create a proposal: When and where should you have then event?

Identify expenses: How much will space, food, goodies, and presentation materials cost?

Identify funding possibilities: Is there anyone who could help sponsor an event?

Think about the logistics: What space should you use, how many people do you expect to attend?

Work on the content: What sort of presentations do you want to have? Who is available to present this information?

Consider your audience: Will you be able to match your content with the interests of those who will be present?

Work on publicity: How will you get news of your event out to people?

Offer to help others: If you can't schedule an event on your own maybe you can help others in your area set up an event?

If you have any suggestions about what we can do to help you set up a meeting, please send your comments to

The meetzilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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