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Notes from the New York Developer Meeting

i took some notes from this week's developer meeting in new york. the notes aren't nearly as thorough as i would like though, so if anyone has anything they would like to add to what i have here feel free to post your comments to the list.

on monday approximately 30 people managed to fit into our conference space nestled between the kitchen area and the rest of the office. this was a great turnout since more people showed up than we were expecting. to see some pictures of how we managed to fit, take a look at the photos posted at

there was a group of developers from nokia who had come to new york from sweden and there were also two red hat developers who had come over from japan (granted they probably came for linuxworld as well, but it still counts). chris blizzard and frank hecker, two staff members, were also at the event and were able to give out good information about the status of the project.

the meeting started with introductions and short presentations of projects that some people were working on. ken estes talked about the state of mozilla web tools and about the work he is doing on tinderbox2. he showed us a working example of a tinderbox2 site at david ascher gave a demo of the komodo ide that activestate is working on and also talked about the python and perl xpcom bindings they are doing work on.

rahul dave gave an introduction to his nareau project at, which is a research project aimed at creating a loosely coupled web services object model. chris blizzard also gave an update on the progress that the embedding team has been making lately getting mozilla ready to be included in devices and other applications.

after the project demos the group broke up into informal discussions about what different people were working on or about what people were having problems with. if anyone would like to provide more information about the specifics of any of the conversations you took part in, please feel free to post to this list.

the meeting broke up around 5 and most of the remaining people went out for something to eat and drink. while talking to people afterwards the feeback i received aboutt the event was very positive. people were excited about being able to meet people they had only talked to over irc or email, and people were also glad to have an opporunity to get answers to their questions about mozilla from developers working on the project.

The meetzilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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